Who am I?

Many party members will have seen me on television or heard me on radio, usually discussing a topical economic or financial theme. Yes, my bread-and-butter for over 35 years has come from commenting on the British economy and its many problems.

My education was in the English state system in the 1960s, when it was at its best. I was awarded an Open Scholarship by St. John's College, Oxford, in 1969 and took a 1st Class degree (in Modern History and Economics) in 1972. My first job was on the economics staff of The Times from 1973 to 1976, a period of almost unrelenting (and fascinating) economic crisis. In 1976 I went into the City as the economic adviser to a stockbroking firm. In 1989 I left to set up my own research and consultancy business, Lombard Street Research Ltd. I was appointed Honorary Professor at Cardiff Business School in 1990 and for every year until 2006 I gave a course of lectures on monetary economics. So I sometimes call myself 'Professor Tim Congdon', although no longer having an academic affiliation.

I have been a successful businessman and investor, and am a so-called 'Name' (i.e., capital provider) at Lloyd's of London. I have been married to Dorianne for 23 years. We have a daughter, Venetia, who is 19 and is currently a post-graduate of Linacre College, Oxford.


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Tim Congdon's YouTube videos
YouTube videos

The following YouTube video was recorded just before the first hustings in the 2010 UKIP leadership campaign. (I am very grateful to two UKIP supporters - Doug Dawson and Ian Proctor - for their help.) The video - which was unscripted and unrehearsed - explains why Britain has been so fortunate to keep the pound and avoid the euro.

Why the UK Independence Party is so important

A YouGov poll in September 2010 showed that 47% of the public want Britain to leave the European Union, compared with 33% who want to stay in. The wishes of the British people are being ignored by the three main parties, all of which are committed to EU membership.

The UK Independence Party is the only meaningful political force opposed to EU membership and offers us the best hope of "getting our country back".

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